Ned Kelly's Headlines roundup

 "So while most of Kelly’s skull is still missing, the rest of him appears to have been found." — New York Times

"Scientists identify Ned Kelly's remains"  - Sydney Morning Herald

"Ned Kelly’s remains found" - The Age

"Bones of Australian bush icon Ned Kelly identified" - Reuters

"Experts confirm Ned Kelly's bones in jail" - The Border Mail

"Ned's skelly: Relatives of notorious Australian bushranger furious at plans to put his bones on public display" - Mail online

"Remains of Ned Kelly identified in Australia" - RTÉ News

"Remains of outlaw Ned Kelly identified" - The Irish Times

"Remains of Australian outlaw Ned Kelly identified ..." - Guardian

"Bushranger Ned Kelly still has a price on his head" - Daily Telegraph

"No bones about it, remains really are Ned Kelly's" - Brisbane Times 

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