White Settlement Timeline for Australia

1770 - Australia's east coast discovered by english Captain James Cook.
1786 - Captain Arthur Phillip made Governor of New South Wales.
1788 - First Fleet of 11 ships arrives in Australia and makes a settlement at Port Jackson.
1790 - Second Fleet arrives.
1792 - Captain Arthur Phillip returns to England for medical reasons
1793 - Captain Arthur Phillip's time as Governor of NSW ends.
1795 - John Caesar - convict - escapes for the last time and is now known as Australia's first bush ranger.
1802 to 1803 - Matthew Flinders circumnavigates Australia.
1803 - A penal colony is established in Van Dieman's Land (later to be called Tasmania)
1808 - The Rum Rebellion forces Governor William Bligh from his position.
1810 - Lachlan Macquarie made Govenor of NSW.
1813 - Blaxland, Wentworth and Lawson expedition crossed the Blue Mountains.
1824 - A penal settlement is made in Moreton Bay (later named Brisbane)
1829 - Perth is settled as a colony (later named Western Australia)
1830's - schemes to encourage migration to Australia by British Government.
1835 - Port Phillip settled (later called Melbourne)
1836 - South Australia is settled.
1842 - South Australia made a colony.
1851 - Victoria made a colony.
1851 - Edward Hargraves discovers gold in Bathurst, NSW and the 'Gold Rush' begins.
1851 - Gold was discovered in Bendigo, Victoria.
1852 - The last convicts to the east and south coast of Australia arrived.
1859 - Queensland made a colony.
1865 - Cape River goldfield in North Queensland discovered by Richard Daintree.
1869 - Convicts no longer sent to Australia.
1893 - Gold discovered in Western Australia.

See Timeline for Van Dieman's Land later called Tasmania.

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