Thunderbolt's cave

Captain Thunderbolt's cave
Sign pointing to Thunderbolt's cave, one of his hideouts in the New England area of New South Wales.

Thunderbolt's Cave, named for Captain Thunderbolt - Frederick Wordsworth Ward (1835–1870), is off the New England Highway, not far from the village of Black Mountain near the major towns of Armidale and Guyra in northern New South Wales.

I am presuming Thunderbolt used the cave in 1867 and 1868 the years when he conducted many robberies in the Tamworth and New England districts, some with Thomas Mason.

If you are visiting the cave don't forget to call in at McCrossin’s Mill Museum at Uralla, which houses the definitive collection of artifacts connected with the legendary bushranger, Captain Thunderbolt.

FREDERICK WARD (alias "Captain Thunderbolt") by Glen Rowen Cobb & CO


Amy said...

I love reading about field trips in other countries (I am in the southern U.S). I would love to visit. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Amy, if you read this, please contact me through here. There is so much about Australia I would like to tell you. Malcolm.

Anonymous said...

I went there just the other week. Not the easiest walk to get to but neat to see where he stayed. My family is actually related through marriage or something to him.

Anonymous said...

Amazing to see where someone was living in a cave all tnose years ago.. love australian history.

Susan and John said...

Had a look in cave mid 2017. Natural hole in roof for smoke very convenient. Bit low for my 6ft 2inches though. Almost impossible to see once more than 200 yds away. Great hideout.

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