Poetry about bushrangers

Banjo Paterson in 1890
Andrew Barton Paterson (17 February 1864 – 5 February 1941)

"Gilbert and Hall and O'Maley, back in the bushranging days,
Made themselves king of the district - ruled it in old-fashioned ways -
Robbing the coach and the escort, stealing our horses at night,
Calling sometimes at the homesteads and giving the women a fright;
Come to the station one morning - and why they did this no one knows -
Took a brood mare from the paddock - wanting some fun, I suppose -
Fastened a bucket beneath her, hung by a strap round her flank,
Then turned her loose in the timber back of the seven-mile tank."

An excerpt from Banjo Paterson's poem In the Stable
Read the complete poem at Australian Poetry Library

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