Mad Dog Morgan

Daniel Morgan bushranger
1830 – 1865

We know him as Mad Dog Morgan but he was a man of many aliases: Billy the native, Down the river Jack, Dan the breaker, Jack Morgan and Mad Dan.

His known criminal record began in 1854 when, under the name "John Smith", he was sentenced to twelve years' hard labour for highway robbery at Castlemaine, Victoria.  When he was released from jail he had a hatred of authority and become Australia's public enemy No 1.

BLOODTHIRSTY MORGAN By SIR SOLOMON in The Singleton Argus 14th June, 1924.

A study of the characteristics of the Australian bushrangers operating during the great bushranging era—1860 to 1880—will disclose the fact that the methods and tactics of some differed considerably from those adopted by others. Unfortunately, all brought into prominence the traits of the ruffian, but even in this there was a graduated scale of viciousness, in which Daniel Morgan shone as the high priest of infamy.
An extract from the Victorian Police Gazette of 23rd February,1865 describes Morgan: "The following description of the NSW bushranger Morgan has been obtained from a reliable source:-  Aged 35, 5 feet 10 or 11 inches high, dark swarthy com-plexion, black hair worn down to his shoulders, black moustache, and black beard, the latter rusted about his mouth, cheeks covered with hair up to the eyes, straight nose, blue eyes, slouching gait, round shoulders, inter-lards his conversation with the words of course; insolent and overbearing in his manners."

After his 3rd murder the reward for Morgan's capture was raised to £1000 and police were sent to track and capture him. He was shot and died on April 11, 1865 near Wangaratta, Victoria.


Porecomesis said...

Why was he named "Mad Dog"?

Lee Good said...

Good question. Just because he was so vicious and blood thirsty I think.

Linda Allen. Ballan, Vic. said...

Hello, I would just like to let you know, that my nephew is a decendant of Mad Dog Morgan. His name is Billy-Jack Morgan, born 11/3/1993. His late Father was Anthony (Tony)Morgan of Ballarat, and his late Mother,(my sister)was Sandra Allen of Ballan, Vic.

Lee Good said...

Hi Linda, so good of you to take the time and let us know. Very interesting. Does your nephew take an interest in his ancestry? I am often asked about living relatives of bushrangers. Quite recently a film director was looking for ancestors.

Anonymous said...

Yo is this the real MADD DOG?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

He was not known as Mad Dog Morgan. This was the title of the 1976 movie about him and the name has simply caught on since then.

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