Benjamin Hall, bushranger - a timeline

Ben Hall bushranger
Wood carving of Benjamin Hall (1837-1865)
  • 9 May 1837 Benjamin Hall  was born at Maitland, New South Wales. His father was also named Benjamin Hall and his mother was Elizabeth Somers.  Both of his parents were ex-convicts. Read more about his early life.
  • became a stockman. 
  • 29 February 1856  married Bridget Walsh.
  • 7 August 1859 their son Henry was born.
  • July 1856 detained for his share in the Eugowra gold robbery.  
  • 1860 leased a run, Sandy Creek, near Wheogo with John Macguire. 
  • April 1862 arrested for armed robbery with Frank Gardiner but was acquitted. 
  • 15 June 1862 robbed the gold escort coach at Eugowra Rocks with 7 others including Frank Gardiner, John Gilbert and John O'Meally. It was the biggest gold robbery in Australian history.
  • 14 March 1863 Hall's home was burnt down. 
  • Hall joined  became leader of the gang of bushrangers when Frank Gardiner left for Queensland.
  • 12 October 1863 held the entire town of Canowindra for ransom for 3 days.
  • October 1863 daring raid on the town of Bathurst.
  • 24 October, 1863  raid on Henry Keightley's homestead at Dunn's Plains.
  • 1864 conducted robberies on the Sydney-Melbourne Road south of Goulburn
  • 15 November 1864  robbed sixty travellers near Jugiong
  • May, 1865 Hall and his companions were declared outlaws 
  • £1000 on his head
  • Hall decides to quit bushranging
  • 5 May, 1865 he was ambushed and shot by the police near Goobang Creek in New South Wales
  • 7 May 1865 buried at Forbes Cemetery

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Eugowra Historical Museum and Bushranger Centre


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