Tombstone Tuesday - John Gilbert's Grave

Bushranger John Gilbert's grave
John Gilbert's lonely grave near Binalong, NSW.
In May 1865, Ben Hall, John Gilbert, and John Dunn were proclaimed outlaws.

The Felons Apprehension Act 1865, allowed known bushrangers to be shot and killed rather than taken to trial.

John Gilbert, aka Happy Jack, Johnny, and Flash, had a 1000 pound reward on his head and had been involved in around 630 hold ups including the death of a police man.

John Gilbert was shot and died instantly on the 13th May, 1865 near Murrumburrah, New South Wales, Australia in a shoot out with police troopers. 

The police involved in the shoot out were Senior Constable Charles Hales of the Binalong police station and constables John Bright, Michael King and Henry Hall. Constable Henry Hall was put in charge of the body. When Gilbert's body was searched money, jewelry, powder flask, guns, and bullets were found.

The guns included a Tranter revolving rifle and a government issue revolver.
Gilbert's body was taken back to the court house of the Binalong Police Station.

An inquest was held on the 14th May 1865 and it was generally agreed that Constable John Bright fired the fatal shot that had killed Gilbert and that he had died instantly.

The verdict of the jury at the inquest was "Justifiable Homicide." The jury also found "that Senior Constable Hales and Constables Bright, King and Hall were deserving of great praise for the gallant and courageous manner in which they acted."

The Government reward for the dead bushranger was divided up: the informer received £500; Hales, £150; Bright, £130; King, £120; and Hall £100.

The New South Wales Police Report published in the Sydney Morning Herald 16th July, 1870 stated:
May, 1865.—John Gilbert, robbery under arms ; shot dead
by police under senior-constable Heales.

John Gilbert (1842 - 1865) was buried in a paddock at the back of the Binalong Police Station.

Bushranger John Gilbert's Grave

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Roger said...

Hi, if any of your readers are interested The Blue Bird Bookshop in Lockhart has a very nice copy of "Happy Jack" by Edgar Penzig.
'The definitive history of the bushranger John Gilbert'
It is number 290 of 1,200 signed copies. It is near mint with slight bumps at the top and bottom of the spine.

Bushrangers said...

Thanks for that Roger. It's good people can contact you by email. I couldn't remember where Lockhart was so was interested to find it is a town in the Riverina Region of New South Wales, Australia.

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