Australian life in Queensland in the bushrangers time

The bushrangers roamed Australia during the 1800's. The term bushranger was first used in a newspaper in 1805. Here is are some images of what life was like in the northern state of Queensland during that time.

1878 image of police station Cooktown
Mounted Police station in Cooktown.
Barracks and police station in the country above Cooktown 1878
Australia 1800's
Hopetoun selection in southern Queensland.
Edward McDermott's grocery store
in Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, ca 1884

Bushranger era public domain image
 Family having tea in the garden of Richmond Hill homestead,
Mackay, Queensland, ca. 1890
Australian life in Queensland in the bushrangers time
Group of women having a tea party in Queensland, ca. 1887
Bushranger era public domain image
Reading the paper in a Gympie garden, ca. 1871
Blacksmith shop, Oxley Road, Oxley, Brisbane 1888.
 bushrangers era
 Gold miners outside a bark hut, Queensland, ca. 1870
Two gold miners dressed in working clothes outside a slab bark hut
with mining tools nearby
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