Books about Australian Bushrangers

List of Books about Australian Bushrangers

Australia's Most Notorious Convicts: From thieves and bushrangers to murderers and cannibals by Barbara Malpass Edwards. Thousands of convicts were transported to Australia. This book shows what became of the most dangerous and desperate of those incarcerated in Australia, and records their deeds.


The Birth of a Bushranger by Raymond Boyd Dunn

In Search of Captain Moonlite: Bushranger, Conman, Warrior, Lunatic By Paul Terry looks for the man behind the legend. It uses little-seen histories, a remarkable cache of rare documents, and the records of his time to rewrite the story of a man who was not what he seemed.

The Last of the Bushrangers An account of the Capture of the Kelly Gang By Francis Augustus Hare. This account is written by the Police chief who tracked them down, and is illustrated with many photographs, including one of Ned Kelly in his famous home-made armour.

The True Story Of The Kelly Gang Of Bushrangers by C H Chomley. This factual tale of the rampage of The Kelly Gang was first published in the late 1890's and reads as if the events occurred yesterday.

The True History of the Australian Bushrangers by Jack Bradshaw from 1911 - 1925.

The Adventures of Ben Hall, Bushranger: Bushranger by Raymond Boyd Dunn

Outlaws of the Australian Bush: The Bushranger Series (The Complete Bushranger Series Book 1)  By Raymond Boyd Dunn.  This is a compilation of the five books in the series.
1. Bushranger
2. Birth of a Bushranger
3. Millie and the Bushranger
4. Bushranger's Gold.
5. The Adventures of Ben Hall, Bushranger

The Last of the Bushrangers An account of the Capture of the Kelly Gang. By Francis Augustus Hare An indispensable book for all interested in the Kelly story, the history of crime and outlaws and early Australia.

Brady: McCabe, Dunne, Bryan, Crawford, Murphy, Bird, McKenney, Goodwin, Pawley, Bryant, Cody, Hodgetts, Gregory, Tilley, Ryan, Williams, and their ... bushrangers in Van Diemen's Land, 1825-1827. By James Erskine Calder

Morgan the murderer: a definitive history of the bushranger Dan Morgan. By Edgar F. Penzig

Happy Jack: The Definitive Story of the Bushranger John Gilbert
By Edgar F Penzig

By Jane (ed); Jack Larkin ( Ills.) Barnaby

The bushranger Harry Power, tutor of Ned Kelly
By Kevin J Passey

Meet Ned Kelly by Janeen Brian

Midnite: The Story of a Wild Colonial Boy.
by Ralph & STOW, Randolph. STEADMAN

True History of the Kelly Gang by Peter Carey

The Gold Escort Robbery Trials by Noel Thurgood

The Last and Worst of the Bush Rangers by Michael Howe

The Sandy Creek Bushranger - A Definitive History of Ben Hall, His Gang and Associates. By Edgar F. Penzig

Uncensored Story of Martin Cash The Australian Bushranger as Told to James Lester Burke.
By Joan Dehile Emberg, Buck Thor Emberg

Australian Son The Story of Ned Kelly by Max Brown 


The Old Bush Songs by Andrew Barton Paterson A. B. Paterson

Out of the Mists: The Hidden History of Elizabeth Jessie Hickman By Di Moore Out of the Mists is by far the most accurate account of Elizabeth Jessie Hickman's unusual life, compiled with respect and honour by her own granddaughter. This is Jessie's true story-warts and all.

The lady bushranger by Pat Studdy-Clift

Harry Readford alias Captain Starlight

The Birth of a Bushranger by Raymond Boyd Dunn

Tell 'em I died game: The Stark Story of Australian Bushranging
By Bill Wannan

Australian Bushrangers: The Romance of Robbery
By Anonymous

Thunderbolts Last Hours by Russ Blanch

Clarke of the Kindur: Convict, bushranger, explorer
By Dean Boyce

Michael Howe: The Last and Worst of the Bush-Rangers of Van Dieman's Land 
By Thomas E. Wells

Stand and Deliver!: 100 Australian Bushrangers, 1789-1901
By Allan M. Nixon

Cry of the Dingo - A Study of the Australian Bushranger
By Conrad Phillips

The wild Scotsman: A biography of James McPherson, the Queensland bushranger
By Patrick McCarthy

Real Flash Cove: A Biography of John Gilbert, Bushranger
By Edgar Penzig

Ned Kelly: Bushranger by Brian Carroll From Landsdowne Press

A pictorial history of bushrangers by Tom Prior

Kelly Country: A Photographic Journey by Brendon Kelson

Wild Colonial Boy: Bushranger Jack Donahoe,...
by John Meredith 

Ned Kelly;: The life & adventures of Australia's notorious bushranger. By George Farwell

You'll never take me alive: The life and death of bushranger Ben Hall By Nick Bleszynski A ripping yarn about bush ranging in Australia in the 19th century told through the eyes of the quintessential Australian bushranger, Frank Gardiner—the only one who wasn't killed by gunshot or hanging.

Captain Thunderbolt and His Lady: The true story of bushrangers Frederick Ward and Mary Ann Bugg By Carol Baxter. This is an unputdownable story of an extraordinary partnership and a fresh retelling of one of Australia's greatest bushranging stories.

Ned Kelly by Peter Fitzsimons the author has taken the best of the research available, as well as the work of previous authors combined with official historical documentation to produce the ultimate book on Ned Kelly.

Bogong Jack : The Gentleman Bushranger by Eric HARDING

Ben Hall the Bushranger by Frank Clune

Among the Bushrangers by G.A. Henty 

Ned Kelly, bushranger by Brian Carroll

Bushrangers-Pictorial History by Nunn 

Martin Cash - The Last Of The Tasmanian Bushrangers
By Frank Clune

An Illustrated History of Australian Bushrangers
By George E. Boxall

Thunderbolt: a biography of the last of New South Wales' notorious bushrangers. By Bob Cummins

Bailup! A Pictorial History of Australia's Most Notorious Bushrangers, Including a Complete Transcript of Ned Kelly's Jerilderie Letter By Geoff Hocking

Wild Colonial Boys Tall Tales & True Australian Bushrangers
By Geoff Hocking

And wretches hang: The true and authentic story of the rise and fall of Matt Brady, bushranger
By Richard Butler

Bloodiest Bushrangers by John O'Sullivan

Bushrangers by Charles J. Finger

History of the Australian bushrangers by Boxall, George

Ben Hall: Bushranger by D.J. Shiel

Australian Bushrangers by Bill Scott

Morgan: The bold bushranger by Margaret Carnegie

Australian Bushrangers by Sacha Molitorisz

The Legend of Moondyne Joe by Mark Greenwood

The Last of the Bushrangers: An Account of the Capture of the Kelly Gang. By Francis Augustus Hare

The Bushrangers: Illustrating the Early Days of Van Diemen's Land - Primary Source Edition. By James Bonwick

Ned Kelly's Last Days: Setting the Record Straight on the Death of an Outlaw. By Alex C. Castles

Martin Cash,: The last of the Tasmanian bushranger; By Frank Clune

The Truth about Dan Kelly, brother of outlaw Ned Kelly: his escape from the Inferno & the hangman's Noose By vince allen, carolyn ann allen The book contains several photographs and at the end, lots of testimonies from people who had contact with Dan during his long and adventurous life.

NED KELLY: In His Own Words by Waldo Tomosky

Bushrangers of the north east by Graham Jones

Bushranger Ballads by Bill Scott; Pro Hart

Bushrangers, bandits and bastards: An illustrated history of colonial crime, 1850-1900. By Edgar F Penzig

The Bushranger of Van Diemen's Land in 1843-1844; A Personal Narrative of His Exploits in the Bush and His Experiences at Port Arthur and Norfolk Isla By Martin Cash

The bushrangers; illustrating the early days of Van Diemen's Land By James Bonwick

Bushrangers - Heroes or Villains: The truth about Australia's wild colonial boys By Edgar Penzig

Ned Kelly: A Short Life by Ian Jones

The Jerilderie Letter by Ned Kelly

Australia's Most Notorious Convicts: From thieves and bushrangers to murderers and cannibals. By Barbara Malpass Edwards

The Story of the Australian Bushrangers (Classic Reprint) By George Boxall

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