1873 photo of Bank of NSW in Warwick

vintage photo of Bank of NSW in Warwick Queenslad
Photographer: William Boag

This building was erected by the Bank of NSW in Palmerin Street, Warwick opposite the Warwick Dispensary in 1871 and opened for business in February 1872.

In 1842 Governor Gipps declared that 'all settlers and other free persons shall be at liberty to proceed to the Darling Downs in like manner as to any other part of the Colony.' Warwick was the first town on the Darling Downs established on the banks of the Condamine River. The Leslie brothers first settled in the area as squatters and in 1847 the NSW government asked them to select a site for a township. The local Aborigines called the area as Gooragooby, it was going to be called Canningtown but the name Warwick was chosen.

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