Goldmining @ 1869

public domain image
Queensland, Australia.

This photograph was taken by Richard Daintree, geologist and photographer, who was born in 1832 in  England. In 1852 he joined the gold rush to Victoria, Australia.  Unsuccessful as a prospector he became assistant geologist in the Victorian Geological Survey until 1856. He rejoined the Geological Survey in 1859  pioneering the use of photography in field-work. In 1864 he became a resident partner with William Hann in pastoral properties in the Burdekin country of North Queensland. There he was able to indulge his passions for both photography and prospecting. When the pastoral boom collapsed he used his knowledge to open up goldfields at Cape River (1867), Gilbert (1869) and Etheridge in 1869-70. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland.


1851 - Edward Hargraves discovers gold in Bathurst, NSW and the 'Gold Rush' begins.1851 - Gold was discovered in Bendigo, Victoria. 

1859 - Queensland made a colony.

1865 - Cape River goldfield in North Queensland discovered by Richard Daintree.
1867 - Cape River Gold Mine opened.

1869 - Convicts no longer sent to Australia.
1869 - Gilbert gold mining.
1869 - Etheridge gold mining.
1872 - Palmer River Gold Rush, Palmer River, Queensland
1893 - Gold discovered in Western Australia at Kalgoorlie.
1896: Coolgardie, Western Australia gold discovered.

The discovery of gold in Australia saw a rise in bushranging activity. This was because gold was being transported from the gold fields to the cities leaving the transportation open to highway robbery and gold nuggets were small for their worth and relatively easy to sell once stolen and unlike jewellery or money could not easily be identified.


    Jodie said...

    Was this where the Daintree area of Queensland got it's name??

    Bushrangers said...

    Yes! Daintree was first settled in the late 1870s and early 1880s by timber workers timber in the nearby Rainforest. It does takes its name from Richard Daintree.

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