What did bushrangers eat?

Australian pioneer settler's hut
Pioneer settler's home in the Australian bush

What a bushranger ate, when they were in the bush, would depend upon many factors:

  • what part of the country they were in
  • their own bush survival skills
  • if they were actively on the run from the authorities
  • if they knew free settlers who would support them
Many bushrangers hunted wild rabbits and native animals such as duck, pigeons and kangaroos and if they were near an ocean or river they would try and catch fish or eels.
When bushrangers were being hunted by police and trackers it would have been difficult to stop and cook food over a fire.
Some bushrangers stole provisions owned by the settlers or travellers or store owners if they were near a town, helping themselves to salted meats, potatoes, onions and flour.
Some were supported by free settlers who had been convicts and were sympathetic to the bushrangers hatred of authority.  

Bushrangers may have known about native plants that they could eat such as stinging nettle, prickly pear and tea tree but this is not documented.

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