Bushranging in Tasmania

Tasmanian convict uniorm
Studio photograph of old William Thompson
a Tasmanian convict
wearing convict uniform and leg irons
Bushranging began in Tasmania in the early years of settlement, when near starvation meant convicts were sent into the bush to hunt. Some remained there, living by stealing from or trading with settlers. Their numbers grew as more convicts escaped, and until the 1850s there were many bushrangers. Attempts made to suppress them included a proclamation in May 1814 promising a pardon if they came in by December. Thus they could continue their depredations without fear of punishment for six months, after which many came in; some later returned to the bush.
Read more of Robert Minchin's article at the companion to Tasmanian History.


Jeffrey Willius said...

Hey Lesley - What an interesting blogging theme! The whole idea of bushrangers is news to me - fascinating!

Lesley@ Bushrangers said...

Hi Jeff, yes I love learning about history and live in Australia. Bushrangers are a uniquely Aussie thing. I am enjoying your site.

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