Ben Hall's Death

the death of bushranger Ben Hall

"Don't let the traps take me alive."

Ben Hall did most of his bushranging in New South Wales, where he was known as 'Brave Ben Hall'.

Between1863 to 1865, Ben Hall and his gang are thought to have conducted over 100 robberies, including the robberies of 21 towns and many coaches.  Due to the amount of hold ups on their coaches the Cobb and Co. coaches published in their timetable the phrase: "Ben Hall permitting".

By May 1865, Ben Hall planned to leave New South Wales. He was betrayed by a man who had previously given him assistance and the police were prepared to catch him.  The illustration above shows his ambush by eight armed policemen at dawn on 5 May, 1865 at Billabong Creek near Forbes.  Ben Hall did not fire a shot and was shot 30 times and killed. It is said that while he was lying wounded he turned to Billy Dargin and said "Shoot me dead Billy! Don't let the traps take me alive."

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